Selected Published Musical Composition


Published Compositions

(Several liturgical compositions are published in specialized liturgical journals)

• 6 Mottetti per l’Avvento. Mixed Choir (SATB). Rome, Italy: Hortus Conclusus (1998)

• Canto per il Mio Diletto. Canti per la Messa. Milan, Italy: Edizioni san Paolo Multimedia (2004)

• O sacrum Convivium. Female Choir (SSAA). Polheim, Germany, Edition Music Contact (2008)

• Summe Gloriose Deus. Female Choir (SSAA). Polheim, Germany, Edition Music Contact (2008)

• Mandatum Novum. Mixed Choir (SATB). Charles Town (WV), USA, Canticanova (2008)

• Veni Domine. Mixed Choir (SATB). Charles Town (WV), USA, Canticanova (2008)

• I Want you to be My Friend (SSAA). Polheim, Germany: PHP (2010)

• I Know that from Thine Eyes (TTBB). Polheim, Germany: PHP (2010).

• Lelo Ledung (Female choir and Piano). Polheim, Germany: PHP (2011)

• Two Anthems for treble choir (Female choir and organ). Charles Town (WV), USA, Canticanova (2014)

• Te Deum. (Soli, double female choir and Brass). Bergamo, Italy: Edizioni Carrara (2013)

• Primo Libro dei mottetti (Female Choir). Bergamo, Italy: Edizioni Carrara (2013)

• Variazioni su una ninna nanna cinese (Organ). Bergamo, Italy: Edizioni Carrara (2013)

• La Chiamata (Organ). Bergamo, Italy: Edizioni Carrara (2013)

• De Profundis clamavi ad te, Domine (SATB). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2013)

• Adonde te escondiste (SSAA). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2013)

• Da Nobis famulis tui, Domine (SATB). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2013)

• Missa Simplex (SATB). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2013)

• Ecce Fidelis Servus (SATB). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2013)

• Missa Pro Defunctis (SSAA). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2013)

• Laudate Pueri Dominum (SSAA and Orchestra). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2013)

• Paschale Gaudium (Soprano and Organ). Ober-Morlen, Germany: Editio Ferrimontana (2014)

• In Fide Vivo: Five Motets for the Year of Faith (SATB). Lyon, France: Symétrie editeur (2013)

• Three Motets for Female Choir (SSA and Organ). Polheim, Germany: PHP (2013)

Oratorios and Cantata:

• “Mio Dio, mio Signore” (On Elisabetta Canori Mora)

• “Christus lux mundi”

• “Giovanni di Provenza” (Commisioned from the Congregation of the Holy Trinity)

• “Via crucis”

• “E’ Signore e dà la vita”

• “Il Padre vi ama”

• “Sicut lilium inter spinas”(Commissioned for the beatification of the Valencia Martyrs and performed in front of 7500 people)

• “Gloria Tibi Trinitas” (2001)

• “E’il mio diletto che bussa” (2003, Commissioned for the 200th anniversary of the house of Serve di Maria in Rome)

• “Il chicco di grano” (Commissioned for the Beatification of Maria Teresa Scrilli – october 8, 2006)

• “Cor meum vigilat” “Commissioned for the beatification of Apolonia Lizarraga, October 2007)

• “L’amore di Cristo ci spinge” (Commissioned for the Beatification of Celestina Donati, March 2008)

• “Corpus Domini” (2014) for soli, female choir and orchestra.

• Cantata “Sacrosanctum concilium” (2003)

Other Selected Masses, Musicals and Choral Compositions

• Pentatonic Mass for choir and Organ (2010)

• Look all Around you. Musical on the life of Blessed Mary of the Passion in three parts


• Saint Francis Mass for three female voices and organ (2012)

• Little Requiem Mass for choir and organ (2012)

• Make me to know Your ways for female choir (4 v.) (2012)

• A Mother’s Heart. Musical on the Fatima apparition in two parts (2013)