1. If the whole idea is to get the people in church to sing it has not happened in any Catholic Church I have attended up to and including the current church I got to. What usually happens is a lot of people either mumble or don’t sing at all And when the choir sing singing and they are supposed to singing with them they would rather listen to the choir than sing.

    • aurelioporfiri

      Still is possible to have people singing some parts during the Mass.

  2. I have had singing congregations, using a stable repertoire of 150 of the best hymns. That was ‘nice’ and I am sure it was good for their hearts, minds and souls, however, I have come to believe that is not the most important music for people to sing at Mass… rather they should sing those parts that pertain to them… (1) the responses to those of the celebrant and (2) the ordinary, preferably all in Latin. JMTC

    • aurelioporfiri

      Certainly they should sing the parts for them, not everything. Yes, would be nice if they can be able also to sing in Latin.